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I am EXTREMELY COMPETETIVE with what I charge for my SERVICES!

When I CREATE a garment, the PRICING is in the Hundreds, not Thousands.

And when you buy a garment at your Retailer, I recommend that you try to purchase it ON SALE, so that there is some left in the budget to MAKE IT FIT YOU, YOUR LIFE AND STYLE!

When you call me to get an idea about the price of a certain OPERATION, I may have a hard time giving you one over the phone. I may say,” I really need to SEE it and maybe even need to PIN IT on you", to see EXACTLY what needs to be done.

And when you pick up a finished garment, you will be pleasantly surprised about the GREAT WORKMANSHIP, for the price!

An Example: PANT HEMS

PLAIN, with no lining, $10-12 dollars depending on the width of the leg and the fabric
WITH LINING, $12-15 dollars, again, depending “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “
CUFFED, $12 dollars w/o lining, $16 dollars with lining, possibly

SO... I can give you a RANGE of prices over the phone, but if I can’t see it I am going to give you a “Not to exceed” price and you may think that it is too much, but I have to give you the HIGH END price to cover all possiblities!





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