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DESIGN and CONSTRUCT an original garment or ensemble

CONSTRUCT a garment or ensemble from a pattern of your choice,
modifying the pattern to make exactly what you have in mind

HELP you choose READY-TO-WEAR that fits your STYLE,
ALTERING/TAILORING IT, to fit your size and proportion

REDESIGN or UPDATE any garment, old or new
“I especially enjoy redesigning vintage attire!”

CREATE a pattern from your favorite clothing

Repairs: Restitching Seams, Patching Holes, Replacing Zippers,
Sewing buttons, So basically, almost any repairs you need!

Home Décor: Construct or alter simple Curtains, create or recover
PILLOWS and CUSHIONS. Create Table cloths, (I do an elastisized
one that is pretty cool!), table accessories, Bedding.

MILITARY Tailoring, sewing on of patches and insignias according to regulations.




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